Janper has a range of accessories available such as decorative flutes, circular flutes, wine racks, roller shutter frames, capping moulds and a range of one to eight pane colonial frames.

Fold backs & wrap around panels

Janper’s fold backs and wrap around panels enable end panels to be vinyl wrapped and returned without joins.

Ideal for ovens, dishwashers, fridge panels, pantry panels, island end panels & decorative pieces for furniture, our new wrap around panels are the solution.

Available in 100, 200, 300, 400, 500 returns. Restricted by sheet size.

Fold backs are available in 18 or 37mm.

Recess Rails

Type C: 70mm x 18mm
Type L: 60mm x 18mm

Cap Moulds

Two sizes of cap moulds are available.


Frames are available up to 8 panes depending on door size.

Decorative Moulds

Janper has a range of decorative flutes & capping moulds

Wine rack tubes

Wine rack tubes, only available in stainless steel.
Overall size of tube 310mm front to back with 90mm hole.

Roller surrounds

Janper roller surrounds showing a Jameson in Royal Oyster Satin