Frequently Asked Questions

Duraform® retains its colour and has undergone extensive quality tests to cope with Australian conditions. (An Australian product for Australian conditions).

Duraform® is vacuum pressed onto quality MDF board that has been pre-sprayed with heat activated glue especially formulated for this purpose.

We do not recommend painting over the vinyl.

Duraform® is competitively priced, less expensive than quality painted surfaces, and approximately the same price as low pressure laminate.

Treat Duraform® as you would any other vinyl surface, wipe over with a standard soap and water (do not use solvents)

Because Duraform® wraps to most curved and routed surfaces there are no edges to lift.

Duraform® does not crack and is very resistant to impact and general wear and tear.

Providing standard industry installation codes are observed.

No, as Janper Duraform and most other vinyl wraps are permanently attached to the MDF.